Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Winter adventures...

We've been getting a bit of cabin fever with all this brutal winter weather, so the minute the sun came out we headed to one of our favourite bays.  Garland spent most of the time climbing a sand bank with a pinecone as his ice pick, while Eleanor collected treasure and built sand castles.

I must admit I don't take them to the beach nearly enough, I think I need to start packing a book when we go...  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Just Now

So the holidays are drawing to a close now.  I've officially had my last sleep in before term begins.  This break was great for us, the perfect balance of adventures and rest.  I was able to tick off a bunch of To Do's, and the kids got to play in some snow, perfect.  

Reading: 'Into The Still Blue' - Veronica Rossi
Drinking: Decaf (whaaaaat... It's actually okay, I can totally handle it... I think)
Listening to: Teddy Thompson - 'Separate Ways'.  Old fave.

Watching: Vikings (so gory)
Eating: home made quesadillas
Planning: A family trip to Aus later in the year #funs

Celebrating: Overcoming a huuuuge writers block
Missing: My sweet neph
Loving: Lincoln Logs - hours and hours and hours of kiddo entertainment

I feel like we should somehow celebrate our final day of hols, but I suspect we will spend it in much the same way as every other this week.  In our pjs, building log cabins and reading books.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mamacita - Havelock North

During our recent Hawkes Bay holiday we were treated to a meal at Mamacita, a Mexican restaurant based in the cute Havelock North.  I am a huge fan of Mexican cuisine, not to mention margaritas, so this was kinda the ultimate treat for us.

Mamacita's definitely has a relaxed vibe, with high quirk factor.  All mismatched and colourful and filled with fairy lights.  This is my favourite restaurant style, fyi.  Perfect for a cosy date night with my guy.

First up we ordered some Calamares (crispy, with a bite), quickly followed by Braised pulled pork quesadillas (delicious, but a little too spicy for my tastebuds), Gambos Cancun and De Pollo soft shelled tacos.  Hands down, best tacos everrrrrr.  They were doing a two-for-one taco thing (I heard the waitress say '2-4-1 Tuesday' so I'm guessing it's a regular thing), and honestly we could just have ignored the rest of the menu and ordered all the tacos. They were supreme.  I'm still dreaming bout the De Pollo (crispy chicken with jalapeño and coriander mayonnaise & toasted almonds).

Mamacita's margaritas came highly recommended, so we tried the Loco Rojo (black plums, lime juice and agave) and the Palermo Sunrise (campari, passionfruit and pink grapefruit).  Loco Rojo won my heart, but they were both pretty epic.

And even though we were pretty stuffed, we had to at least try one desert...  We ordered the agave and vanilla ice-cream (so good!) with fried chocolate and coco chimmi chunga.  No regrets.

Such a great dining experience; lovely staff (one asked me where I was from, assuming I was a tourist due to the excessive photo-taking - lol), epic food, and a warm, relaxed environment.  Recommend!

Monday, July 13, 2015


I went to a Steiner school for about six years of my schooling, and one of the things I looked most forward to was the Winter Festival.  Lanterns and bonfires and all the Steiner singing (yup, loved that too).  I kind of have a bit of a hang up about my kids not attending Steiner.  It's not practical for us, right now, which is such a shame.

However, for our Matariki celebration this year, my mum and sister organised the most adorable lantern walk to begin our night, with fairy grottos and treasure and a light display at the end.  So magical.  It was the first lantern walk my two have done, and we will definitely have to repeat this in future years because they were totally swept away by it.

It was a penny drop moment.  Because our current situation makes the obvious schooling choice particularly un-Steiner, I kinda shoved the whole idea in the #wecantdothat basket.  It took this little lantern walk to show me just how wrong I am.  We can.

So now I'm thinking of all the ways I can bring the Steiner magic to our school community.  I'm pretty excited.