Friday, January 30, 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just Now

Watching: Broadchurch
Eating: early grapes
Feeling: pretty tired after a week back at work
Enjoying: the coolness of early evening

Searching: for fun literacy resources for Yr 1 & 2's.  Got tips?  Hit me!
Listening to: The Foofighters.  Don't hate me
Wishing: the flies would just go away now, please
Realising: that summer will go away at the same time

Reading: 'I Am Not Esther' by Fleur Beale
Preparing: a post filled with YA lit. favourites, I read some great titles last year
Waiting: for a new batch of babies, arrivals imminent
Loving: country life and small communities

The weekend is here, and though I will spend most of it working, I'm planning to sneak in some family adventures, beginning with a little anti-oil-drilling protest down at the waterfront tomorrow.  Got any exciting plans?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Normal life

This has been a busy summer, for sure.  I actually don't think we've ever had one quite like it.  It's unsumuppable. 

Summer may be far from over, but we are returning to regular schedule now and I almost feel relieved.  I think.  I'm still like... what... just happened...

I have no idea what to expect from twenty fifteen but I'm getting the impression we are going to be kept on our toes.  Which is why coffee was invented, anyway.  So there's that.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cat Party

I'm quietly celebrating the fact that we are done with kid birthdays for the next few months.  I love them, but I also love being very, very lazy, and the two are not compatible.  Garland is winning in the quirk party theme stakes (which is 100% my doing), and celebrated turning three with a cat theme party!!!  If he's gonna keep on eating the cat biscuits, this is what's gon' happen.

I totally let myself off the hook and only invited direct family.  There were three little peops which was the perfectest number, I get pretty overwhelmed by the swarms.  It also meant that grown-ups were required to participate in party games which made for much fun!  Cats vs. Mice tug of war, Find the Mice treasure hunt (mini Milky Way bars wrapped in foil), and a competition to see who was fastest to lick a saucer full of milk clean.  It also took no convincing to get everyone's faces painted, and everyone looks cute with a cat face.

Even though we kept it super small, we of course had to whip up some themed treats.  Cat biscuits (home-made crackers), strawberry mice (with red liquorice tails), cat meat (chocolate dairy food), and cat-face pizzas (using this cat cookie cutter via Pop Roc Parties).  Milk was an obvious choice for drinks, and I decorated the cake with an unglamorous tinfoil/cardboard fish skeleton.  

We borrowed the much pinned 'adopt a kitten' idea for favours, and my ma lovingly hand-knitted these cuties for three of her moko.  Too cute.  They went home in take-out noodle containers purchased from Pop Roc Parties - they kinda look like cat travel boxes, right?

Decorations-wise - this perfect number three balloon from Pop Roc Parties pretty much covered it.  We hung some balls of yarn to add a little colour, served food in a couple of (brand new) cat bowls and recycled the cake flags from Eleanor's Mermaid Party. My sis painted cat faces on some black balloons, and boom!  Party decos done!

I'm never as excited about party-throwing, this side of summer, but even though we kept it small I think we managed a pretty special day for this kid.  Love ya, lil bud.